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Rice bran contains fiber and is part of a volatile laxative group, which can then be used to treat constipation. In addition, there is a good source of mineral salts such as iron, manganese, fluoride and vitamins B and E.

Properties of rice bran:
It causes weight loss.
The presence of vitamin B5 in it stimulates hair onions and prevents whitening and hair loss.
The presence of vitamin E and its strong antioxidant properties is an anti-shrinkage of the skin and, while maintaining its moisture, prevents premature aging of the cells.
It is useful to strengthen the nerves.
It is useful for the liver and reduces blood cholesterol.
It has an anti-cancer effect, especially in preventing colon cancer.
It is effective in removing constipation.
Reduces cholesterol.
It is helpful in controlling diabetes.

Indications :
Bake soups, stews and ...
Along with dairy products from our yogurt, dough, milk and ...
In the preparation of all types of salads and pastas as seasonings
Preparation of whole-grain breads, biscuits and other confectionery products

Method of Use :
Spread the powder in 1.5 glasses of boiling water and use a half-cup and a maximum of 2 times per day, orally or for hair-cleaning.Brew the bran in the refrigerator and do not get more than 2 days