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Premix Contains Iron and Folic Acid to Enrich Bakery Flour according to the WHO Formulation and the FCC International Standard.

Iron and Folic Acid are essential elements for the body and its deficiency causes the following complications:

• Decrease development and coordination of child development
• Less learning in school and reducing IQ by 10-5 points
• Increased risk of infectious diseases
• Reduced physical activity, learning capacity and early-onset fatigue due to anemia
• Gastrointestinal Complications
• Congenital Neural Tube Defects
• Cardiovascular diseases
One of the manner to prevent Iron deficiency and Folic Acid is to enrich the main food, such as bread. In Iran bread is a major part of the people's food. According to the researched, the daily per total consumption of bread in the country is 320 grams. For this reason, bread is considered as an appropriate carrier for enrichment with a variety of micronutrients such as Iron and Folic acid. On the other hand, the enrichment of bread with Iron and Folic acid has no significant effect on color and taste of bead.

Punan dosage:

200 g of this premix is added to per ton of flour by microfider. The amount of Iron in flour will be about 30 ppm and Folic acid will be about 1.5 ppm.
This product is kept in a cool and dry place.
This Premix is available in packages of 12.5 kilograms.