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Bread improver
Improvers are compounds that increase the quality of the final product by creating flexibility and increasing the resistance of dough at all stages of the bread production, including mixing, fermentation and baking.
Advantages of using bread improver:

• Improve the poor flour
• Whitening of bread color
• Softness of rough bread
• Increase the dough maintenance
• Reduce the adhesion of bread on the stone or baking machine
• Accelerating the processing of the dough and thus improving the fermentation process
• Prevent the breaking of bread due to improved gluten-free grid
• Improving the bread flavor
• Improved bread texture

Bread improver dosage:
80-120 grams of this improver is added to 40 kg flour bag.
This improver contains Xylenase enzymes, emulsifiers and other authorized materials and holders of ISO9001: 2008 certification from DAS UK.
This product is available in packs of 10 kg.