Products Aradcharta (Privately Held Company)

Improvers have a key role in maintaining the texture of flour products. In addition to enhancing the gluten-free grid, they can also improve the quality of poor flours and create a adequate texture in the crop.
Advantages of using flour improver:

• Treating faster dough
• Increased dough tolerance
• Fixing the problem of hard flour(wheat)
• Improve the crispness, aroma, taste and bread color
• Improve the expansion of fermentation
• Resistance of fermentation in variety weather.
• Balancing the elasticity and extensibility of bread’s dough.

This improver contains amylase enzymes, emulsifiers and other authorized substances.
Flour improver dosage:
One kilogram of this improver is added to per tuna flour.
Keep in cool dry place until C ° 25.
These products are available in packs of 10 kg.